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The two-pager paper resume is going out of style faster than your skinny jeans. It is time to switch things up and change the fashion of your resume (oh I love puns).

This week, Kristine Simpson and Julia Kent discuss a recent article published on Your Money, a finance blog, called Careers: The new resume needs to be digital and personal. The article talks of different creative ways of moving your resume online to be accessed by recruiters and potential employers.

We discuss the most popular tools to building your online resume: LinkedIn, Pinterest,, and more.

As Julia mentions in the episode, some companies are now requiring new and unique resume types. Famous Folks has a unique way of hiring their employees. Their career page says the following:

Our hiring process is pretty simple. We’ve got two lists – the Short List and the S#*t List. Your objective is to make it onto the first one. How? Simple. In our business, ideas are worth their weight in gold. Show us your creativity by coming up with a better idea than sending us a boring resume.

But don't forget, no matter how creative your digital resume is, remember to write for your audience and make it relevant.

We want to see your unique online and digital resumes. Send us an email with a link to your resume. Who knows, we may feature your resume on our Facebook Page.

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