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This week, hosts Kristine Simpson and Julia Kent talk about an important subject for young professionals in general who have just landed their first job and are now accumulating a salary. This episode is all about finances for the young PR pro.

Kristine found this great article called Financial Checklist for Young Professionals on Ms. Career Girl, a blog about career change, personal finance, dating and relationships, life after college, job searching and entrepreneurship for young women. But a lot of their articles can be beneficial to both sexes.

Kristine and Julie cover four main topics:

  1. Student debt tips: bank debts vs. OSAP, which should you pay first?
  2. What is a credit report and why is it important to young professionals
  3. RRSPs are not just for retirement anymore, you should start saving early
  4. The importance of sitting down with a financial planner/adviser

Our hosts want to reiterate that neither are experts in the field of financial planning and this episode is meant to get young professional thinking about their finances and being smart about how they begin their career as well as their life.

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