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This week, Kristine D'Arbelles and Julia Kent are actually sitting face to face for the recording. You can just hear the excitement in their voices. A more human connecting recording deserves a chat about being human. How to be a social human organization to be exact.

A couple of days ago, Gini Dietrich posted an article about how Home Depot tried to mitigate a social media crisis. Although it may seem that they followed the step-by-step process of how to get out of a social media crisis, the company left one tiny factor out: they forgot to be human.

This conversation leads Kristine and Julia to remind young professionals of the importance of being a human behind your social media accounts.

We also debate what is considered a fireable offence. Home Depot ends up terminating the social media agency and the employee who sent the Tweet. We all make mistakes, did Home Depot go to far? Julia shares with us some social media bloopers of her own.

We want to hear from you? Share your social media bloopers with us? Do you think Home Depot was right? Share with us how you try and stay human on social media. You can post your comments below or on our Facebook Page, or on our Google+ page, or in our LinkedIn group, or on Pinterest, or send us an email at, or send us a message on Twitter @youngprpros@kristinedarbell or @kentjulia.

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