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Julia Kent is back from her holidays. She is well rested and thankfully avoided any sun burns!

A couple of weeks ago, Kristine Simpson attend Navigating Your Career: The first five years hosted by CPRS Ottawa-Gatineau.

For the next three episodes we will navigate through three stages of the first five years of a young professional's career. Along the way, we will hear from three experts.

The first stage is getting the job. We catch up with Ken Anderson, vice-president at Delta Media PR, who talks about how to determine the right fit for your first job. Ken says three things:

  • Target your approach. Find the organizations that fit your skills and interests.
  • In an interview tell them what specifically interests you about that company and why. This demonstrates your intelligence and eagerness for the job.
  • And finally, relate your education, experience and interest to what that organization does. Show them you are the right fit.

After his presentation we sat down with him and asked a few other questions, here is the full on YouTube.

You can also listen to his entire talk at Navigating Your Career, including his explanation of his famous CHIP & DIP approach to finding a job:

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