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Kristine Simpson and Julia Kent switch gears this week to talk about Facebook identity theft.

Gini Dietrich postsed on her popular blog a story her friend that experienced Facebook photo theft. It is quite simple. Someone steals photo off a Facebook profile, then creats a new Facebook profile and makes up a fake name. It doesn’t stop there. The Facebook profile then can like groups and pages such as guns and racist groups (even going as far as using really awful racial slurs).

Now, let this story not be a horror story that prompts you to shut down Facebook, but rather a cautionary tale that opens your eyes to some of the potential dangers in the social world.

Kristine and Julie discuss in this episodes the importance of being an educated social media engager and knowing about privacy setting.

If you want to learn more about Facebook's privacy setting, Kristine wrote a blog post about some of the recent changes to the Facebook Data Use Policy. It is just another step in trying to become an educated engager.

Finally, follow Gini's seven tips to protecting your Facebook identity.

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