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Young PR Pros: Episode 8 - Interview Tips

May is almost over, which can only mean one thing: panick among young professionals to land a job for the summer. 

Kristine Simpson, Julia Kent and Molli Megasko get together this week to discuss tips and suggestions to help the young pro make it through the many interviews this season. 

For example, research the company. Who works there? Have they been in the news? Not only will this show off you have taken the time to know the company it also showcases your research abilities. Molli adds researching your interviewer, ask who is interviewing you and then Google them. What have been their recent accomplishments? This can help you find common ground with your interviwer, and again it showcases research skills, a very important skill in PR. 

Julia shares her experience with hand shakes, how does your hand shake measure up? Are you communicating confidence? 

Kristine encourages young pros to practice in front of a mirror. It will help get your message across smoothly and build confidence. And don't forget to check your social media accounts before you walk in to an interview. In communications, it is important to have a professional presence online and employers check for that, so be prepared. We suggest you check out the Ellen Degeneres Show as she audits her audience members and finds incriminating photos of them on Facebook. If she can find them, so can your potential employers. 

When all is said and done, the interview is over, don't forget that personalized thank you note. It is just one more chance to get your name and make an impression on your interviewer. Plus, it is just a nice gesture. 

Finally, if you are in Ottawa, Canada on May 30, make sure you check out the CPRS Student program called Dress4Success, a fun and informative evening of presentations by industry experts, topped off with a stylish fashion show by Suzy Shier. Presentations range from resume tips to online branding. there will be a special presentation by Sherrilynne Starkie, and trust us, you do not want to miss a lesson from her. Register online

We want to hear what you think. Share your comment and opinions. What are your tips for a young pro going in to an interview? Write a comment on our blog, on our Facebook Page, on our Google+ page, send us an email at, or send us a message on Twitter @youngprpros, @kristinesimpson, @kentjulia or @mollimegasko.

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This week on Young PR Pros, Kristine SimpsonJulia Kent and Molli Megasko get together over a Google Hangout to discuss how students and young professionals can use LinkedIn to connect and potentially land a job.

But first, check out the TED video we saw by Richard St. John's called “The 8 Traits Successful People Have in Common: 8 to Be Great”. The three minute video talks about eight traits successful people have in common, a lot of which we mentioned in last week's episode. If you want to know more, check out Richard's book on Amazon.

Also, thanks to Sarah Bustard, an interviewee in episode 1 and an avid listener. She shares with us another interesting internship recruitment campaign similar to the Maverick campaing we talked about in episode 5. Check out Sarah's song she wrote about her social media skills. Kristine uses this example to remind our listeners that we don't need a recruitment campaign to be unique. Make a video, write a song and share it with potential employers and you will be sure to stand out.

In this week's episode, Kristine catches up with Mitchell Friedman, a professional and leadership development consultant, trainer, and coach in the San Francisco Bay Area. He shares his great tips to using LinkedIn to land a job.

Mitchell talks about three aspects to using LinkedIn:

  1. Developing a profile
  2. Establishing and growing a network
  3. Using your network

Julia and Molli chime in, saying you should only add people you know or have interacted with. Molli encourages us to tailor our message when inviting someone to connect, because in PR and communications we meet new people every day and we may not remember you if you send us a generic invite.

Kristine on the other hand encourages students to take advantage of their position as curious students and reach out to strangers they may want to know better, be it CEOs or managers. Nevertheless, she still agrees that each message should be tailored. For example, in your message say why you want to connect with that person, what do you want to learn from them?

We want to hear about your advice and tips on how to use LinkedIn to build your career. Share your opinions by writing a comment on our blog, send us an email at, or send us a message on Twitter @youngprpros@kristinesimpson@kentjulia or @mollimegasko.

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Young PR Pros has a huge announcement to make this week... Kristine Simpson wants to welcome Julia Kent and Molli Megasko to the Young PR Pros family as permenant co-hosts. YEAH!

To debut their new official titles, Kristine, Julia and Molli discuss the expertise or skills young PR pros need to advance their career in PR.

Apart from the obvious skill - writing, Molli says that public speaking and confidence are important skills to advancing a career. Be it in an interview or a business pitch, if you are a good public speaker you will separate yourself from the rest.

Julia says responsiveness is important. She says she has faith in people who respond to emails right away, even if it is to say "got it". Kristine goes off on a tangent and warns people of inundating others with email and finding other ways to respond. Regardless, all three ladies agree, responsiveness is a must have expertise.

Finally, Kristine ends the show by suggesting adaptability as an important skill to have. Communications and PR professionals work in all different environments, with different people using different tools. It is important to be able to adapt on a dime.

Again, we want to thank BethStephanie J Woods and Julia Fauteux for sharing their comments and advice on episode 4.

Also, check out Molli's blog post on Saving the Millennial Workforce from Bad Perceptions. The conversation is an interesting one, we suggest you follow it.

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This week Kristine Simpson is joined by two wonderful guest hosts, Julia Kent and Molli Megasko. They start off by discussing a unique internship program at Maverick PR and wishes Heather Leigh, an Algonquin College student, good luck in her endeavors to being the next Maverick PR Girl. The ladies touch on video resumes and how they would work for a young PR professional.

Next, they discuss a Forbes article talking about employers and their use of social media. In two words: be professional. The article states one in five employers is turning away potential employees because of their unprofessionalism on social media.

Then, Kristine catches up with David Gauthier, and eager young student ready to take the PR world by storm through blogging. The ladies talk about good tips to making a blog successful, everything from consistency in posting to editing your blog posts to ensure the utmost quality.

We want to hear about your advice for David and other young professionals looking to blogging to build their career. Share your opinions by writing a comment below, send us an email at, or send us a message on Twitter @youngprpros or @kristinesimpson.

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This week on Young PR Pros, Kristine Simpson and her guest host Julia Kent in Ottawa discuss the best advice they have ever received.

Julia’s father, Paul Kent told her to meet new people and build a professional network. Kristine’s mentor Stephen Heckbert told her to just relax and everything will be fine.

Molli Megasko chimes in from New York and sends in her advice given to her by her mother, be an actor.

All great advice for young professionals who may be looking at graduation this month and are nervous to see what is on the other side.

We want to hear about the best advice you have ever received. What has made you successful? Share your opinions. Write a comment below, send us an email at, or send us a message on Twitter @youngprpros or @kristinesimpson.

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Kristine Simpson is joined yet again by her two fabulous guest hosts, Julia Kent in Ottawa and Molli Megasko in New York.

This week Kristine catches up with Iris Dias, a communications consultant at Reputations in Vancouver, gives her tips on using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in a search for a job in public relations. 

Surprisingly, we find a conflict in how we all use Facebook to market ourselves. Kristine, Julia and Iris consider Facebook a private network and do not use it as a job searching tool. Meanwhile, Molli feels a culture shock and explains how Facebook is a very popular and open tool used by PR and communications professionals in the United States to search for jobs and employees.

The big question this week is how do you use Facebook? Is it closed and private or open and used to market your personal brand? Share your opinions. Write a comment below, send us an email at, or send us a message on Twitter @youngprpros or @kristinesimpson

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Kristine Simpson is joined by guest host Julia Kent from Ottawa and Molli Megasko from New York to talk about the dos and don'ts in applying for a job in public relations and communications. 

Kristine thinks it is important to ensure your online brand and space is always presented in a professional manner, because in the PR and communications industry we are the faces of our companies. Julia thinks you need some sort of online presence in addition to the experience on your resume. Social media is an integral part of PR and communications that, young or old, you need to be engaging online. And Molli thinks it is important to research the person and the company you are applying too and use every opportunity you get to showcase creativity that will make you stand out among all the applicants. 

In short, do your research, be professional and be creative.

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Kristine Simpson kicks off the pilot episode of Young PR Pros with a little talk of using social media as a student to connect with potential employers. 

Kristine is joined by guest host Julia Kent and MSVU student, Sarah Bustard. Sarah shares her experience using social media to connect and learn from public relations and communications professionals across Canada. 

Kristine and Julia use Sarah’s experience to discuss tips and suggestions on everything from homemade social media business cards to social media presence and professionalism. 

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