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Portfolios are more than just pretty pictures and links to projects. A portfolio is your proof point behind every skill you promote in your job interview. This episode gives you advice on putting together a portfolio to land your next job.

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The first 30 days are crucial in a new job. You can use these precious first days to form excellent first impressions that can lead to long-lasting relationships in your new organization. In this episode our hosts and producer share their 30-day challenge tips and advice so you can make your first days at a new job count.

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In this episode, the hosts discuss the benefits big data and uncover when is the best time to use data, and when is the best time to trust your gut.

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In this episode we discuss real, concrete steps young professionals, and young at heart professionals, can take to combat fake news.

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There is a lot of advice out there, and although a lot of it comes from kindness and people just trying to help, this episode strives to debunk myths and tell the truth about some of the most common career tips given out these days.

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Companies and countries across the world are starting to implement the four-day workweek. For those of us stuck in the five-day workweek, here are tips for turning your week into a short week, leaving you a whole extra day to tackle bigger things and get ahead.

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This episode talks about the importance of exercising your brain through deep work, as well we discuss the damage of multitasking.

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Our generation has been dubbed the “Start-up generation”. About one-third of young Canadians want to start their own businesses. When you first launch that business, it can be daunting, scary and exhilarating. While you grapple with so many emotions, it can be hard to learn when to say no to any work that comes your way. That is our topic today. We list red flags you should look out for when meeting with prospective clients.

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Although it’s important to fail and fail gloriously in life, this episode talks about real failure. We thought we would do a twist on the top 5 things young professionals need to do to succeed and flip it around and list all the things you should do if you want your career to come down hard, crashing and burning – in a bad way.

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In this episode we share our biggest milestones, as well as how to mark and learn from then. We also mark our fifth anniversary with a bit of reminiscing.

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