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In this episode, the hosts discuss the benefits big data and uncover when is the best time to use data, and when is the best time to trust your gut.

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In this episode we discuss real, concrete steps young professionals, and young at heart professionals, can take to combat fake news.

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There is a lot of advice out there, and although a lot of it comes from kindness and people just trying to help, this episode strives to debunk myths and tell the truth about some of the most common career tips given out these days.

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Companies and countries across the world are starting to implement the four-day workweek. For those of us stuck in the five-day workweek, here are tips for turning your week into a short week, leaving you a whole extra day to tackle bigger things and get ahead.

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This episode talks about the importance of exercising your brain through deep work, as well we discuss the damage of multitasking.

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Our generation has been dubbed the “Start-up generation”. About one-third of young Canadians want to start their own businesses. When you first launch that business, it can be daunting, scary and exhilarating. While you grapple with so many emotions, it can be hard to learn when to say no to any work that comes your way. That is our topic today. We list red flags you should look out for when meeting with prospective clients.

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Although it’s important to fail and fail gloriously in life, this episode talks about real failure. We thought we would do a twist on the top 5 things young professionals need to do to succeed and flip it around and list all the things you should do if you want your career to come down hard, crashing and burning – in a bad way.

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In this episode we share our biggest milestones, as well as how to mark and learn from then. We also mark our fifth anniversary with a bit of reminiscing.

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In this episode, our hosts offer tips and advice for young professionals looking to strike a healthy balance between work and life.

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Episode 117: The Future of PR

In this episode, our hosts discuss the future of PR. Our industry is always changing, as professionals it is important to always be on top of what is new – not to change our strategy every five minutes, but rather to ensure the tactics we use continue to connect with our audience.

As young professionals, it is even more important to be on top of trends. As the “young” ones in the office we may be called upon to provide information about the latest social media trend.

While our host Kristine D’Arbelles attended a conference in Minneapolis, she ran into a good friend of the podcast, Shel Holtz, founder of the FIR podcast network and host of For Immediate Release, one of the longest running podcasts on communications and PR. Shel was presenting on the future of PR. Kristine sat down with him after his presentation to ask him a few questions.

Shel had some good insight to share. Our hosts dive into some of the trends he presented:

  • Messaging: the number one trend in social media?
  • Dark social: what is it and how can PR and communications professionals deal with it?
  • Facebook strategy: a pointless exercise, we explain why.
  • Content strategy: how to build one in 60 seconds or less!

Young PR Pros wants to thank Shel Holtz for taking the time to share his insight and knowledge on the future of PR and communications.

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Episode #116: Concrete Steps to Help Learn from your Mistakes

Kristine shares a story about getting caught with an unlicensed image on her blog. She was sent a letter from a lawyer and had to pay a fee. The image was from a post published in 2011, she had just launched her blog that year. Ignorance is not an excuse to break the law, however. So she paid the fine and added this to her important list of lessons learned.

This episode is about all those times we made a mistake and learned a valuable lesson. But Young PR Pros goes beyond just being aware of your mistakes and dives into the learning. If you make a big mistake – that gets you fired, humiliated, etc. – you are never going to make that mistake again, because it stays with you. But what about those smaller mistakes, forgetting a grammar law in your writing, forgetting to include someone in your email, or miscommunication an idea.

Young PR Pros' Concrete Steps to Help Learn from your Mistakes

  1. Make notes while you are working. If you are half way through something and its hard and you regret the path, jot it down. Refer to those notes at the beginning of a new project.
  2. Post-project or debrief meetings are super important. If your employer doesn’t host them, be the person to suggest it. Use this as a learning opportunity to see what your colleagues see as a success and what they see as failure.
  3. Admit your mistake. You can only learn from a mistake after you admit you've made it. As soon as you start blaming other people (or the universe itself), you distance yourself from any possible lesson.

Listen to the full episode for more concrete tips.

Share your opinions by writing a comment below, or on our Facebook Page, send us an email or audio note at, or send us a message on Twitter @youngprpros.

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