Young PR Pros

After a small break, Kristine Simpson and Julia Kent are back.

This week, we discuss the news. What is going on in the world and what can a young PR pro learn from the PR successes, disasters and controversies swimming about media outlets across the globe.

So, what is in the news?

  • NHL Lockout: no hockey, no news. How to take advantage of quiet time in the news to communicate your message.
  • Obama vs. Romney debate: two communications teams with their hands full, but for different reasons.
  • Zellers: saying goodbye with class and bringing in profit right until the end. don't forget to check out the Everything must go, even Zeddy video.
  • Kate Middleton's intimate moment: the royal scandal and how it was handled. Remember, it is always better to be honest.
  • Venezuelan election: Hugo Chavez is elected as president of Venezuela. Lessons learned on trying to convince the opposition, in short: don't. Convince those on the fence - it is more worth your time and money.
  • The Trudeau legacy: The prodigal son of Pierre Elliott Trudeau runs for leader of the Liberal party. With no competition (except for recent whispers of Premier Dalton McGuinty), Justin Trudeau's communications team seems to be sitting back and waiting for the votes to come in. Even without competition, we express the importance of communicating your strengths.

And that is all the news for now, until next week.

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