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This week on Young PR Pros, Kristine Simpson and her guest host Julia Kent in Ottawa discuss the best advice they have ever received.

Julia’s father, Paul Kent told her to meet new people and build a professional network. Kristine’s mentor Stephen Heckbert told her to just relax and everything will be fine.

Molli Megasko chimes in from New York and sends in her advice given to her by her mother, be an actor.

All great advice for young professionals who may be looking at graduation this month and are nervous to see what is on the other side.

We want to hear about the best advice you have ever received. What has made you successful? Share your opinions. Write a comment below, send us an email at, or send us a message on Twitter @youngprpros or @kristinesimpson.

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Kristine Simpson is joined yet again by her two fabulous guest hosts, Julia Kent in Ottawa and Molli Megasko in New York.

This week Kristine catches up with Iris Dias, a communications consultant at Reputations in Vancouver, gives her tips on using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in a search for a job in public relations. 

Surprisingly, we find a conflict in how we all use Facebook to market ourselves. Kristine, Julia and Iris consider Facebook a private network and do not use it as a job searching tool. Meanwhile, Molli feels a culture shock and explains how Facebook is a very popular and open tool used by PR and communications professionals in the United States to search for jobs and employees.

The big question this week is how do you use Facebook? Is it closed and private or open and used to market your personal brand? Share your opinions. Write a comment below, send us an email at, or send us a message on Twitter @youngprpros or @kristinesimpson

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Kristine Simpson is joined by guest host Julia Kent from Ottawa and Molli Megasko from New York to talk about the dos and don'ts in applying for a job in public relations and communications. 

Kristine thinks it is important to ensure your online brand and space is always presented in a professional manner, because in the PR and communications industry we are the faces of our companies. Julia thinks you need some sort of online presence in addition to the experience on your resume. Social media is an integral part of PR and communications that, young or old, you need to be engaging online. And Molli thinks it is important to research the person and the company you are applying too and use every opportunity you get to showcase creativity that will make you stand out among all the applicants. 

In short, do your research, be professional and be creative.

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Kristine Simpson kicks off the pilot episode of Young PR Pros with a little talk of using social media as a student to connect with potential employers. 

Kristine is joined by guest host Julia Kent and MSVU student, Sarah Bustard. Sarah shares her experience using social media to connect and learn from public relations and communications professionals across Canada. 

Kristine and Julia use Sarah’s experience to discuss tips and suggestions on everything from homemade social media business cards to social media presence and professionalism. 

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